Welcome to the Australian Defence and Emergency Services Shed’s Association. From humble beginnings of a Defence Shed in Port Adelaide we identified the need for a collective voice of Veteran Sheds and to support the establishment of sheds in areas where there is a need for current and ex-serving Defence and Emergency Services personnel.

2018 has had a fantastic start to the year with the Kilkivan Veterans and Community Shed joining the association, and work is now underway for a shed in the Amberley, QLD area.

The association has also become a registered charity, recognising the important work that we do.

Throughout all this we are continually seeking ways to work with other organisations as we know how important it is that the VSO and ESO work together to support total well-being of current and ex-serving personnel.

I look forward to updating you on the progress of the DES Sheds in 2018.

Ben Parkinson


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