DES Shed’s engage in meaningful projects that assist in recovery, wellbeing, and re-engagement in society. Recent projects have included:

  • Pallet projects for community events
  • Community gardens
  • Boat restoration and maintenance
  • Pallet craft for market stalls
  • Assistance to veterans requiring minor home repairs
  • Building renovation

DES Shed’s assists members in obtaining support from other agencies. DES Shed’s have contact with a wide variety of support Services including:

  • Welfare and Advocacy organisations
  • Rehabilitation providers
  • Government agencies
  • Local councils
  • Community agencies
  • Ex-Service Organisation

DES Shed’s provides and links members to activities and events that enable social connection with other members and the community. These include:

  • Weekly BBQ breakfasts
  • Social dinners at the DES Shed
  • Attending community and veteran events
  • Camping and Kayak Campouts, 4WD Trips

DES Shed’s encourage members to improve their own wellbeing through physical, spiritual (meditation, yoga), or emotional support programs. These include:

  • Cooking programs – for one, family, budget, meal planning
  • Physical health programs – kayaking, fishing, camping
  • Advice on various programs available
  • Peer supported retreat programs

DES Shed’s encourage interaction with the community through outreach programs, participation in community events to remove the stigma from the community and broaden members social network. These include:

  • Commemoration events
  • Engagement with schools on ADF and Emergency Services
  • Participation in community events
  • Veteran talks to community groups
  • Participation in Defence events (family days, open days)